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Your Team

Established in 2005, Stonegate Financial began with a simple vision to place client interests first. We’ve assembled a team of like-minded professionals dedicated to treating individuals and families with a high level of concern and respect.

Though we are skilled in comprehensive planning and asset management, the first investment we make is in our relationship with you. We understand the correlation between your financial goals and the life you want to lead. We’re motivated to learn about the people you cherish and milestones you hope to reach. Helping you pursue financial freedom requires a partnership that emphasizes the value of your dreams and brings purpose to your prosperity.

Our Team Approach

We work with you to look ahead and create a plan that will help you reach your short and long-term goals. When you partner with us, you don’t just have access to one advisor; you have the benefit of a team that counsels and coordinates to understand your unique situation.

To model the long-term planning approach that we promote, succession is built into our business. We’re intentionally multi-generational so that we can work with you not just to retirement, but through retirement, and for the rest of your life. We view our arrangement as a long-term relationship that we want to grow and thrive over the years we work together.

Our team has the privilege of getting to know you and your family throughout our many interactions. We now encourage you to learn more about us, giving you a glimpse into our lives inside and outside of the practice.


Terry  Wiles

Terry Wiles

Branch Manager, RJFS | Founder, Stonegate Financial

Alex  Greene

Alex Greene,

Financial Advisor, RJFS | Partner, Stonegate Financial

Trey Stilley

Trey Stilley,

Financial Advisor, RJFS | Partner, Stonegate Financial

Support Staff

Fluffy Greeters

Luna and Sky are the friendly greeters at Stonegate Financial. They always look forward to making new acquaintances and love it when old friends return for a visit. With their own personalities, each has their own way of brightening our office with their enthusiasm and playfulness.

You can usually find them lying next to each other or under the desk of a human companion, or basking in the sun at the front door waiting for the next delivery person and possible treats. Our greeters also understand that some people prefer a dog-free environment and will happily remain out of sight for maximum visitor comfort and to sneak in an extra nap!

Luna Greene

Luna Greene

Chief Greeter

Sky Wiles

Sky Wiles

Assistant Greeter