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Living in Retirement

Financial planning, like many other goals and ambitions, continues throughout your retirement years. In fact, the ultimate success of the post-retirement phase lies in optimizing the resources you have worked hard to accumulate.

Retirement Income

As you celebrate this next chapter, you may be wondering where your next paycheck is coming from. Or, if you are a seasoned retiree, you may be wondering whether you are maximizing your retirement income. We strive to create a plan that allows you to live the lifestyle you envision while remaining flexible as life changes. We incorporate tax-efficient distribution strategies within your plan and work alongside your tax advisor to optimize your retirement cashflows.

Longevity Planning

Questions change as we age. “Will I outlive my money? What if I need long-term care? Will I stay in my home or live elsewhere?” In preparation for all that may occur, we connect you with trusted professionals in continuing care, hold family meetings, and analyze your financial plan to evaluate varied longevity outcomes.

Bringing Purpose to Your Prosperity

You may desire to leave a legacy for future generations. We coordinate with estate planning attorneys to help you architect an estate plan that considers all of those not in the room, from family members to charitable organizations. Stewardship of your resources is core to an effective estate plan.

We focus on your specific financial situation, lifestyle, and ambitions. We partner to implement the best strategy for you as we navigate taxes, legislative changes, withdrawals, and continuing investments throughout your retirement.

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