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Megan Long

Megan Long

Client Service Associate

With a natural inclination towards connecting with others, Megan has always been drawn to organizations that prioritize a strong commitment to their clients. It was during her initial encounter with the Stonegate Team that she felt an immediate sense of belonging within an organization that places relationships at the core of everything they do.

Growing up as the daughter of a small business owner, Megan witnessed firsthand the challenges that financial uncertainty can bring. During the tumultuous period of the 2008 recession, Megan’s mother was unexpectedly laid off, and her father’s construction business struggled under the economic decline. It was during this time that Megan learned the profound importance of financial safety and the relentless spirit of hard work.

A first-generation college graduate of North Carolina State University, Megan earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance, along with a minor in agricultural business management. This educational background has equipped Megan with a solid foundation in financial principals and instilled in her the importance of empathy and compassion when working with others.

As a devoted Wolfpack fan, you can find Megan enthusiastically supporting the team at sporting events with friends and family. In her free time, Megan enjoys exploring the great outdoors and staying active through sports and fitness activities. Baking is another passion of Megan’s because it allows her to be creative and share homemade treats with others. Whether it is going out for coffee, exploring new places or having a meaningful conversation, Megan enjoys the little things in life and the people in it.

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