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Our Process

At Stonegate Financial, we use a comprehensive financial planning process to develop a unique and personalized plan that will provide the foundation for pursuing your goals. As you take the time to reflect and uncover what dreams you’d like to pursue, keep in mind that we will be with you along the way providing education, support, and guidance.

Here are the 7 steps we follow:

  1. UNDERSTAND Your Personal and Financial Circumstances

  2. IDENTIFY and Select Goals

  3. ANALYZE Your Current Course of Action and Potential for Alternative Courses of Action

  4. DEVELOP the Financial Planning Recommendations

  5. PRESENT the Financial Planning Recommendations

  6. IMPLEMENT the Financial Planning Recommendations

  7. REVIEW Progress and Update as Needed

We work hard to create an environment where clients are involved in the decisions that could influence their financial future. In order to accomplish this, our team lays a foundation of open, two-way communication that champions respect and avoids judgment.

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