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Our Clients

Stonegate Financial serves clients who come from diverse backgrounds, careers, and families. Although their differences set them apart, the heart of what they desire is remarkably similar. Each is searching for a wealth management team that can truly relate to their past, present, and future.

These individuals eventually find a home with our team because we possess both the professional capabilities and personal experience to see them through the good times and the bad. Like you, our advisors have lived through a variety of financial situations, enabling them to anticipate the hurdles you’ll face and the goals you’ll need to attain on the way to financial freedom. Regardless of your age or stage in life, we look forward to using our collective wisdom to identify with your circumstances and make it possible for you to thrive.

Hitting Your Stride

For young executives, professionals, and business owners, juggling a burgeoning career and a growing family can take a lot of time and energy. We alleviate some of this burden when we institute asset consolidation, 401(k) reviews, college planning, and other solutions geared towards capitalizing on your prime years of accumulation.

Approaching the End of Your Career

The decade leading up to retirement requires carefully coordinated planning. Pre-retirees can benefit from our realistic forecasts and checklists for leaving the workforce, including detailed analysis and projections that create confidence.

Living in Retirement

Starting your second act is an exciting time to take on new hobbies, long-awaited adventures, and relaxed schedules. We’ll listen to what clients want out of retirement, and then set into motion the income, Social Security, and tax-efficient distribution strategies that will help make the most of a lifetime of hard work.

Enjoying your Golden Years

Today more than ever, older clients worry about outliving their assets. In preparation of all that may occur, we connect you with trusted professionals in continuing care, hold family meetings, and ensure all estate documents are in place.