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Navigating Life’s Crossroads


Over the years, we have helped many families navigate significant life transitions. Whether sudden or carefully planned, these twists and turns can heighten emotions and anxiety. It is in the midst of this change that we do our most meaningful work.

We will be by your side when the road ahead is uncertain and you are bogged down by decision-making. With empathy and unwavering support, we endeavor to help safeguard your financial independence and help empower you to embrace a new stage with confidence.

Some transitions for which we can provide support, guidance, and education include the following:

New Job or Career: Employment transitions come in many forms, from accepting a promotion to facing an unexpected downsizing or an early retirement. We’ll help you examine your employer benefits and retirement plan options, as well as review the effects of this transition on your long-term goals. Additionally, our team will run up-to-date retirement projections to clarify the necessary adjustments to help keep you on track.

Birth of a Child: We’ll share in the joy of welcoming a new family member by helping you get the next generation off on the right foot from day one. College savings options, insurance, and estate planning are just a few of the topics our advisors will review once your child or grandchild has made their arrival.

Divorce: The end of a marriage can have a profound impact on your financial plan, especially when it comes to dividing assets and managing your taxes. We are adept at serving those recently divorced or presently going through a separation. Our knowledge and experience qualify us to educate you in many areas, such as budgeting, saving, and alimony so that you can take your next step without hesitation.

Death of a Spouse: Following the loss of a loved one, grief can make financial matters seem incredibly overwhelming. Our compassionate assistance addresses your concerns regarding beneficiaries, pensions, and income during this challenging time. With a comforting presence, we make it easier to direct your attention to healing while we oversee the practical details that will help put your mind at ease.

Inheritance: Receiving a legacy gift from a family member can be an unexpected blessing. It’s your responsibility to pay tribute to this endowment by exercising sound judgment. Let us give you the tools to help maximize the impact of your inheritance and form a plan for carrying this legacy forward.