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Who Is Managing Your Financial Plan?

November 04, 2022

Have you ever remodeled part of your home?  Or maybe you’ve even built a home?  Even if you’ve just watched a bunch of HGTV, you understand the importance of a general contractor.  They are the quarterback of your project as they help with all sorts of things, like managing vendors, adhering to a timeline, monitoring costs, and reporting on status, just to name a few! 

Your financial plan is kind of like a perpetual construction project – it’s a living, breathing process that takes a ton of care, attention to detail, and multiple service providers to bring the pieces together.  As a financial advisory practice, Stonegate is like the general contractor for your entire plan. We are here to provide our financial planning and investment management expertise while also coordinating with your CPA, attorney, and others to ensure your plan is firing on all cylinders.

We frequently work with our client’s CPAs to make sure we are ahead of the curve on their tax planning.  Taxes impact nearly all financial decisions, so it’s important that we communicate with CPAs around a host of topics, including Roth conversions, minimizing taxes on distributions, and paying close attention to potential Medicare premium increases based on taxable income.

We also coordinate with estate planning attorneys to make sure your financial accounts and documents are aligned with your wishes.  This might include a review of your beneficiaries to ensure your financial documents match your will.  This could also include communication with your attorney and review of estate planning documents (like your will or trust documents) to ensure the appropriate strategy is in-place to maximize the after-tax benefit for your heirs.  

You don’t have to tackle your entire financial life alone!  If you’d like to learn more about how we can be the general contractor for your entire financial plan, please let us know.  Our team would be happy to speak with you about how we can help you bring all of the pieces together and help streamline all of this coordination, simplifying your life and giving you the time back that you deserve!