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Where Did All the CPAs Go?

February 06, 2024

It’s that time again – yes, we’re talking about tax season! Time to gather all your documents and take them to your CPA or, for some, complete your taxes on your own.

If you currently have a CPA preparing your tax return, that’s wonderful! But if you are looking for a qualified tax preparer, your situation may be more difficult. Over the last year we have seen a trend that is proving challenging for many folks - fewer and fewer CPAs are taking on new clients.

We have run across a number of articles that show a drop in students majoring in accounting. As the average CPA age continues to creep higher, it appears there are fewer CPAs in the pipeline to take over small to medium-sized tax practices.

We have continued to cast a wide net in search of additional CPA resources to expand our referral network. Given the challenge in finding CPA firms taking on new clients, we welcome your feedback regarding your experience with your CPA! Please feel free to pass their name along so that we can provide quality CPA referrals.

It is our privilege to partner with you and your CPA to develop tax-efficient strategies as part of your overall financial plan. If you have questions about your plan, or about how managing taxes plays a role in achieving your goals, please let us know!