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"SMARTER" Financial Goals

October 18, 2023

What's the difference between a dream and a goal? A dream begins with an idea, an aspiration, or a preferred future. On the other hand, a goal is the framework of the dream. It's where the dream starts to take shape.

As we go through life, there are always distractions. Having a financial plan helps keep everything in focus to monitor your goals.

Establishing the right kind of goals is essential. You've probably heard of SMART goals. Today I want to talk about SMARTER goals. Here they are:

 S: Specific: Make your goals specific. Don't be too broad or vague.

M: Measurable: Numbers don't lie, and they help you stay on track.

A: Actionable: Nothing happens unless you take the first step.

R: Realistic: It's OK to stretch but remember...reality is your friend.

T: Time-specific: Motivation diminishes if you don't set target dates.

E: Exciting: To keep you inspired.

R: Relevant: To align your goals with your bigger dream you started with.

A great financial plan checks these boxes to help you accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams.

And don't forget to focus on the small wins along the way. Small gains can achieve great results over time and keep you motivated to keep moving forward.